Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Howard Beach, NY

The team at Howard Beach Dental Associates provides restorative care to patients of different ages. Most oral conditions occur silently. Without getting your mouth inspected, you could continue suffering oral disease and conditions without knowing. We inspect the mouth to see how your oral structures, including teeth, gums, and bone, are doing. We do X-rays to check hidden areas or deep inside the bone and gum tissue to see whether there are concerns. In our office, we provide these restorative dentistry procedures:


avitated teeth can make biofilm, mouth acids, and debris easy to enter the tooth. Inside the tooth, bacteria can cause infection, contributing to root pulp infection and damage. Fillings work when a crown seems too big to repair a cavity. Our dentist uses white-colored filling material that blends easily with the other tooth shade.

Bone Grafting

Whenever your bone resorbs due to damage from gum disease, we can do bone grafting to rebuild it. Bone grafting improves your dental stability and functionality. It preserves the shape of the face as well as the aesthetics. Bone grafting helps prevent having a sunken face.


Many things result in tooth loss, including decay, wearing down due to bruxism, and gum disease. Clenching and grinding erode the enamel, exposing the teeth to decay, chipping, fractures, and breaks. These conditions, in turn, can cause a tooth to suffer more, leading to eventual tooth loss. Missing teeth can bring about functional and cosmetic problems. Our dental bridge allows the remaining teeth to stay properly aligned.


Our custom-fitting crowns seamlessly blend with natural teeth. After removing the decay, we use them to cover a damaged or decayed tooth. We prefer crowns fabricated of non-metal materials like porcelain dental crowns because they provide a highly natural-looking piece.


Our dentist near you also does dentures as a cheaper alternative to implants. Dentures can be removable or fixed, or you may even get implant-supported dentures. The implant-retained dentures provide more stability, firmness, and convenience.

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