Periodontics In Howard Beach, NY

Supporting structures like gums, the periodontal ligament, and the alveolar bone plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your teeth. However, infection of these tissues can lead to periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, which can damage your tooth and even lead to tooth loss. Our periodontist in Howard Beach, NY, can help you treat and prevent these diseases and protect your smile for years.

At Howard Beach Dental Associates, we use the latest periodontal treatment to ensure you recover fast and continue to enjoy your pearly whites.

When Might You Need Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment is necessary when the supporting tissue of your teeth gets infected or damaged. Here are a few situations you might need periodontal treatment near you-

Gingivitis and periodontitis

If the gums and supporting tissue becomes infected, causing swelling, bleeding, and gum recession is collectively called periodontal disease. The disease progresses gradually, with gingivitis and periodontitis representing its two stages. While gingivitis represents the early stages that can be managed with professional cleanings at Howard Beach Dental Associates, periodontitis is an advanced stage. Therefore, treating periodontitis requires more extensive steps like root planning or periodontal surgery.

Deep Gum Pockets

A gum pocket is the space between your teeth and gums. Bacteria can quickly grow in this space and lead to periodontal disease. Consequently, our dentists might recommend a periodontal treatment if they discover deep gum pockets during your routine dental examination. The timely treatment ensures that you don’t develop periodontal disease in the future.

Aesthetic Concerns

You can also seek periodontal treatment at Howard Beach Dental Associates for cosmetic concerns regarding your gums. If you have a gummy smile, our periodontist near you can perform crown lengthening to expose more of the tooth structure and create a more balanced smile.

Periodontal Services We Offer

At Howard Beach Dental Associates, our experienced and compassionate dentists offer several periodontal treatments, including-

  • Comprehensive periodontal evaluation involves thoroughly examining your teeth, gums, and supporting structures to identify early signs of periodontal disease.
  • Scaling and root planning involve deep cleaning the root surface and under the gums to remove plaque, tartar, and accumulated bacteria.
  • Periodontal surgery is necessary for advanced periodontitis and includes pocket reduction surgery (also known as flap surgery), bone grafting to regenerate lost bone support, soft tissue grafting to address gum recession, and guided tissue regeneration to promote the growth of new bone and tissue.
  • Dental implant placement and maintenance involve surgical procedures and post-operative care. We also offer regular checkups and cleanings to ensure your implants are stable, problem-free, and last long.

Please book an appointment at Howard Beach Dental Associates to learn about our periodontal services and get back your healthy and happy smile today!