Orthodontics in Howard Beach, NY

We all know why we should go to the dentist, but getting referred to a specialty like Orthodontics can feel intimidating. Getting referred to a dental specialty doesn’t have to be intimidating; it just means you have a problem in your mouth that is not covered by general dentistry. Many of the procedures are routine and done by highly qualified dentists. If you live in Howard Beach, NY, and need to see a dentist about orthodontics, then Howard Beach Dental Associates has the experts you can believe in taking care of your oral healthcare needs.

We provide a range of treatment options to cover all types of care so that no matter what your smile looks like when you come in, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to get it looking and functioning as it should.

Why You May Need Orthodontics

If you come to our office at Howard Beach Dental Associates in Howard Beach, NY, and need orthodontic care, you don’t have to be alarmed. Our team has special experience with all types of orthodontic treatments, and if the dentist says you need a more specialized procedure, then it’s a good idea to listen.

For instance, one of the most common reasons to see an orthodontic specialist is to have a mouthguard made for your child when they are playing contact sports. That’s right, orthodontics is responsible for fixing and protecting the position and structure of your teeth, so when you need special equipment, orthodontics is where you go. Mouthguards for sleeping, sports, snoring, and even sleep apnea are provided by orthodontics, but they do much more.

Almost every procedure that involves correcting the teeth, their position, alignment, or how they interact with other teeth is handled by orthodontics. You may have a child or friend who has had braces before; this is another common treatment that many people have done that is covered under orthodontics.

Orthodontics Service