General Dentistry

General Dentists in Howard Beach, NY

Howard Beach Dental Associates welcomes you to our dental office for comprehensive, personalized, gentle dental care. Our staff ensures you have a positive experience whenever you get into our dental office until you finish your appointment. Our general dentists in Howard Beach, NY, are trained and knowledgeable in diverse areas of dentistry, including restorative, cosmetic, emergency care, and preventative services. Our range of services includes:

Dental Exams & Cleanings – Exams are crucial for revealing oral disease early on for successful treatment. We do prophylaxis to give you a fresh breath and eliminate elements like biofilm, deposits, debris, and tartar.

Bruxism Treatment – Using oral appliances for bruxism can help prevent the effects of grinding and clenching on oral health. Our dentists near you provide mouthguards and mouth splints for countering the effects of clenching and grinding.

Tooth Extractions – Though we aim to conserve your natural tooth, we are forced to remove damaged or diseased teeth that are unrepairable. Also, teeth that risk causing damage, infection, or decay to neighboring ones may be extracted. Our tooth extraction is pain-free; we utilize local anesthetic and other sedation.

Gum Disease Treatment – We do scaling and planning to remove bacterial plaque, debris, and tartar from the gum pockets. This way, we starve off gum disease and combat it.

Root Canal Therapy – Root canal infection can bring too much pain. Our dentists in Howard Beach, NY, access the root canals and eradicate diseased or damaged pulp, then clean the root canals and seal them with special material for proper protection.

Mouthguards – We do night mouthguards for use at night and sports mouthguards for use while indulging in rigorous activities likely to contribute to mouth injuries.

Emergency Dental Care – No matter how small a dental emergency may seem, it always requires immediate care. A lost filling can, for instance, allow bacteria, biofilm, and debris to get inside a tooth, causing an infection. Come to us if you’ve knocked-out teeth, toothache, tooth abscesses, and other emergencies.

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