Exams & Cleaning

Exams & Cleanings in Howard Beach, NY

Howard Beach Dental Associates strives to help families and individuals maintain healthy smiles and strong bites. We have always embraced preventive care as the cornerstone for good oral health. Our dentists in Howard Beach, NY, provide dental exams & cleanings to combat decay, gum disease, enamel erosion, and other oral concerns.

We understand that many people would rather relax at home, golf, or drop by the mall than go to the dentist’s chair. However, we know too well that regular checks and exams can only be substituted with something else. You don’t get them; you give leeway for serious oral problems. As such, we strongly urge you to come in for exams and cleanings.

Dental Exams

The American Dental Association clearly emphasizes that healthy adults and children should have dental exams twice a year. Even with at-home cleanings, bacteria can grow to points of destruction in just as short as three months. Therefore, regular biannual cleanings and exams are very vital.

Exams and cleanings in Howard Beach, NY, are preventive measures allowing our dentists to catch small dental problems early on before they evolve into grave ones. During exams, our dentists will order detailed X-rays and get your teeth cleaned before a thorough exam. In a dental exam, our dentists check for gum disease, bone loss, evidence of teeth grinding or enamel wear-down and erosion, decay, oral cancer, and loose fillings or crowns.

Dental Cleanings

You can diligently brush your teeth and floss; only dentists and dental hygienists can scrape off those stubborn tartar buildups within the gum line. Dental cleaning is gentle. Our dentists can use a topical anesthetic if you have tartar buildup to prevent discomfort when scraping it off.

Additionally, our professional cleanings remove minor stains, thus delaying the need for teeth whitening. Come to us to let our dentists give you a fresh breath and eliminate dental plaque biofilm that you miss with your at-home oral hygiene. Remember, only a professional dental clean with scraping tools can remove tartar, the hardened version of plaque.

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