Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentists in Howard Beach, NY

At Howard Beach Dental Associates, we cater to patients seeking to restore an aesthetically pleasing smile. We address flaws that impact teeth’s appearance, such as stains, chippings, breaks, fractures, shorter teeth, or gaps between teeth. Our cosmetic procedures are less invasive and work to see that we preserve tooth structure in the best possible way.

Our cosmetic dentists in Howard Beach, NY, aim to offer cosmetic dental treatments near you that also support your present and future dental health. We know that many cosmetic issues are linked to fundamental oral health problems.

Crooked teeth, for instance, make it difficult to cleanse the mouth. They provide confined spaces where bacteria can hide and multiply, causing elements like tartar and plaque. As such, crooked teeth can encourage decay and gum disease. We look into your oral health and function when providing our cosmetic treatment.

Teeth Whitening – With our professional chairside whitening, we can brighten and lighten the shade of your teeth, making them look whiter and whiter. Professional whitening is recommended because it is safe and delivers consistent results. Alternatively, we can give our patients a take-home whitening system. These work to whiten teeth at one’s own pace, but our dentists supervise the entire process.

Dental Bonding – Issues like chippings, discolorations, irregularly shaped teeth, or broken teeth. We use resin material to do bonding. Our composite bonding or fillings are wear-resistant and mimic the natural teeth texture and color. They are durable, strong, and blend flawlessly with other teeth.

Veneers – Using veneers allows much less tooth structure to be shaved off than crowns. The thin coverings work to lengthen shorter teeth for a more uniform appearance and conceal chips. Veneers also cover discolored teeth and conceal gaps between teeth.

Crowns – Tooth-shaped caps that our cosmetic dentists near you mount over teeth. They encase the whole tooth and help address several cosmetic concerns. Our dentists use them to correct irregularly shaped, stained, chipped, or broken teeth.

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