Bone Graft

Bone Grafting In Howard Beach, NY

Dental implants are the most convenient and natural-looking ways to replace missing teeth, offering several advantages over dentures or dental bridges. However, you need sufficient jawbone density to get a successful dental implant.

Bone grafting near you can be a solution for people with low jawbone density to get dental implants and enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. Howard Beach Dental Associates provides high-quality, safe, and efficient bone grafts to improve jawbone density and ensure a successful dental implant surgery.

What Is A Dental Bone Graft?

Bone grafting in Howard Beach, NY, involves surgically placing a bone or a bone-like material to augment or regenerate the existing jawbone. The grafts can help improve bone density by stimulating bone growth in the areas where it has been lost.

Bone transplants can provide a stable anchor for dental implants so they can be used to replace missing teeth. Sufficient bone volume and density are necessary for dental implants’ stability and long-term success. In cases where the natural bone is inadequate, a bone graft may be required to augment the bone volume and provide a solid foundation for placement.

In some situations, dentists can use bone grafts to repair and reconstruct bone defects resulting from trauma, infection, or previous dental procedures. It helps restore the jawbone’s shape, structure, and function, allowing for proper dental restorations or treatments.

The Process Of Getting A Bone Transplant

A bone transplant surgery at Howard Beach Dental Associates involves several steps, including the following:

Evaluation and planning : Our dentists will conduct a thorough examination, at our bone graft dental near you, including dental X-rays or scans, to assess the condition of your jawbone and determine the need for a bone graft.

Bone graft material selection : There are different types of bone graft materials available, including autografts (your bone), allografts (donor’s bone), xenografts (animal bone), and synthetic bone grafts. The choice of graft material depends on various factors, such as the size of the bone damage and the availability of the material.

Bone graft procedure : Our dentists perform the bone grafting procedure under local anesthesia or with additional sedation at Howard Beach Dental Associates. The dentists will make an incision in the gums to access the site where the bone graft is needed. The graft material is placed or secured in the targeted area, and the dentist closes the incision with a suture.

Healing and integration : Over time, the transplanted bone graft material acts as a framework or scaffold for new bone growth. The bone graft typically takes several months to heal and mature fully.

Once the graft heals, you are ready for a new dental implant.

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